IT-Experta is a recruitment agency that focuses on the placement of IT-Experts from all over the world.

We fight the lack of skilled IT Experts in Europe.

Due to the scarcity of software developers, software architects, administrators, web designers, and other experts in Germany, companies are forced to rethink and look for suitable candidates abroad.


Companies of all sizes trust us - from small startups in the communications industry like "Wire" to long-established companies like "Eventim".

Our added value: the service you get, the price you get, and the quality you get.

Who we work with


We think that a 30% fee for the placement of an IT expert is far too high!


In almost 100% of the cases, you get a single recruiter for 30% of the project, who usually has only a few months of work experience and comes directly from the university. Is that reasonable? We do not think so.


With us, regardless of the option you choose, you get at least two experienced recruiters and usually one or two newcomers.


Therefore at least three recruiters for 7.5%!


On top of that, this number of recruiters guarantees you a certain speed, which you won't get with the 30% companies.


You can read more about what you get with each option here.