We enable companies to create innovations that improve our everyday lives by providing talented people. 


What makes a company is its employees. They are the driving force and make the impossible, possible.


We call it "Recruiting your future".

We are in this together.


Let us shape the future of our world together.


From our side, we offer you attractive and effective cooperation models, 24/7 support, and a guarantee of our services.

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The Recruitment Subscription

The Recruitment Subscription by IT-Experta is the flexible alternative to success-based collaboration. In the transparent monthly subscription rate all costs are included. Therefore no hidden costs.


Due to the fact that we are a small, dynamic and effective team, we are sometimes overwhelmed by demand.

Therefore, we have introduced the program "Together ITX" and you, as a freelance recruiter, can help us to fill positions and get a very high payment for it.


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