After a difficult time in the recruitment business caused by COVID-19, things now seem to be looking up. Many companies need new personnel to grow, and we are ready to support them in this growth.

We, IT-Experta, have received so many orders from our customers that we can't do it alone. Therefore we need you!


You are working as a recruiter or have to deal with many different CVs? Are you a freelance recruiter? Or you want to earn some extra money?


We offer exactly that. You provide suitable candidates for our vacancies, and if your candidate is hired, you get 50% of the fee we get. Everything is transparent, the fee, the conditions, the process.  Only our end customer we reveal after they have accepted the candidate.

To make you feel secure, every candidate sent to us will be confirmed with an official e-mail. Of course, we can also sign a contract that records all points.


A summary of all points:


  1. We have the vacancies - you the candidates. Therefore 50%-50%.
  2. You can work on the search as much as you want - whether 160 hours or 5 minutes, it's up to you.
  3. Since most of you have a permanent employer, we keep everything anonymous.
  4. Also, our clients stay anonymously - to keep it fair.
  5. You will receive an official confirmation e-mail for each candidate. If that is not enough, you sign a contract with us.

The Vacancies where we need your help

1 x Senior Python Developer (M/F/D) [remote]

JOB NUMBER: 2008 - 1 


Fee: one month salary

Salary: 4200€ gross monthly

Your cut: 50%

1 x Lead Architect (M/F/D) [Lviv, Ukraine]

JOB NUMBER: 2006 - 2 


Fee: one month salary

Salary range: 5000€

Your cut: 50%

Questions? Got a candidate?

Contact us 24/7 via:

Mobile (GER): 
49 156 787 573 82

->WhatsApp Business


Mobile (UA):   + 380 731 075 788

->Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp


Office (GER):   + 49 734 825 938 99


Skype:             rostyslav.kosyura