Get access to a huge database of strong IT Specialists                                                                from  around the world


We manage for you the whole process of finding the strongest candidates for any position in the IT Sector.


As an employer working with IT-Experta, you’re getting an access to a comprehensive network of high-value candidates, and a team of trusted advisers with vast industry experience.


Why partner with IT-Experta?

Today up to 66% of European companies are facing difficulty to hire IT specialists (Eurostat).


We solve this problem by offering you our dedicated service that will provide your company with high-value candidates both from EU and non-EU countries.


Here we got three good points for you, why you should work for us:


  1. We always work success based. You got no risk, the risk is fully on our side.
  2. There is a minimum of 3-5 recruiters that will work on your project simultaneously.
  3. Our Conditions are really good.

How we work?

To offer you a more detailed look into how we work, we have summarized our recruiting process. Take a look here