What is the recruitment subscription from IT-Experta?


The Recruitment Subscription by IT-Experta is a flexible alternative to success-based collaboration. In the transparent monthly subscription rate, all costs are included. Therefore no hidden costs.

What is included in your flexible recruitment subscription?



The monthly all-inclusive fee covers everything - so you can focus on other things.

  • 3 months notice period
  • Test 30 days without obligation
  • Capped only at the 14th placement per year
  • No hidden costs
  • 24/7 consultation service


  • IT-Experta takes over the entire hiring process
  • Relocation support for the candidates
  • Communication with the candidates
  • Fixed contact Person


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Why you save money with our recruitment subscription

Inhouse Recruiter vs. Freelance Recruiter vs. The Recruitment Subscription

Freelance Recruiter


Based on statistics from "Upwork.com" an Freelance Recruiter costs on average hourly 25€ an hour. This would mean a monthly rate of 4000€.

In addition, the freelancer is entirely on his own and only manages a limited number of placements per year (on average, six*).


Inhouse Recruiter


Hiring a recruiter on a full-time basis is a good idea, but an expensive one. We have made our calculation with 36.000€ gross/year for the employee, which costs about 44.000€/year for the employer. This makes 3667€ a month.


The Subscription Model


You pay a transparent fee per month in which all costs are included, and therefore there are no hidden or additional costs.

We capped the number of placements at only 14. We can deliver that because we can assign more than one recruiter to your job openings and emphasize the search.

Success-Based vs. Recruitment Subscription

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